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WELCOME to The ELFIS Network  –  Portal to Possible Paradigms

http://www.elfis.net/images/e1/elfis1cov2.gifThe Elfis Network began as a print publication in 1994. Inspired by the 1990s zine scene which was publishing such resources as Crash Collusion, The Excluded Middle, Dharma Combat, Steamshovel Press, and others, SMiles Lewis launched the first issue of “E.L.F. Infested Spaces – Journal of Possible Paradigms” in the Summer of 1994.

In the Spring of 1998, with the release of the fifth issue of “E.L.F. Infested Spaces” the Journal of Possible Paradigms became the online Portal to Possible Paradigms.

Special Guest Robert Anton WilsonBetween the ninth issue of ELFIS in the Summer of 1999 and the “tenth issue” in the Summer of 2001, SMiles Lewis had taken on responsibility for leading the Austin UFO Experiencer Support & Study Group, then leading the local Austin Mufon chapter, then becoming organizer of the ill-fated 38th annual National UFO Conference (NUFOC) which was ultimately canceled due to the tragic events of September 11th.

Since then the Elfis Network of websites has expanded to host (at various times) the websites of Miles’ various projects (such as Austin Para Times, the Anomaly Radio Network, Anomaly magazine, Parapolitics.info, and several others) as well as those of his friends (such as Angela Keaton and her Liberated Space radio show, Greg Bishop‘s Excluded Middle magazine and Radio Misterioso, Jim Beal‘s EMF Interface consulting and others) plus the websites of local like-minded non-profit community groups including Austin Mufon, the Anomaly Archives, INACS (Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies), and others.

We hope you’ll take some time to explore the decade of material accumulated and archived within these…



ELFis FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

(Origins of a Name)

“E.L.F. Infested Spaces” derives from three sources. First, is Terence McKenna’s usage of ‘elf infested spaces’ in reference to that realm within which he believes UFO / Mystical Experiences occur and which can be accessed on demand through certain psychedelics such as Psilocybin Mushrooms and DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). There is also E L F as an acronym for Extraterrestrial Life Form. Finally, are the numerous reports among conspiracy researchers which state that the populace are being exposed to Mind Control technologies utilizing E.L.F. waves. E.L.F. are those electromagnetic energies of an Extremely Low Frequency. This radiation cannot be shielded against and thus represent a serious threat if they are being used in such an insidious manner.Within this forum we shall investigate both aspects of the UFO phenomena. Reports of encounters with the “true” UFO phenomena as well as these supposed Mind Control Technologies.


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