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Flashback: Intelligence Codes in A Clockwork Orange?

January 28th, 2014

Hat tip to Robert Guffey, author of Cryptoscatology

The Intelligence Codes in A Clockwork Orange

“Lewis was told by his source that A Clockwork Orange was about:

‘….the mind-control experimentation conducted by Dr. Ewen Cameron at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal, between 1957 and 1963, and the Remote Neural Monitoring facility that operated out of Fort George Meade. The CIA were funding controversial research programmes into electronic brain stimulation. They induced exhaustion and nightmares in patients; they put hoods or cones over people’s heads to broadcast voices directly into their brains; they irradiated the auditory cortex or inner ear. When patients had their own speech played back to them, incessantly, they went insane. There was a misuse of civilians in these covert operations, and intelligence on these devices remains classified.’”Indeed there is an hilarious appendix containing Lewis’s correspondence with the CIA, who neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence on files pertaining to Burgess’s secret service work.
According to Lewis, Burgess ‘had been a low-grade collector of intelligence data (or ground observer) in the Far East’ for the British. On return to England, he found himself in a world of spy scandals (Burgess, Philby and Maclean) and double agents (George Blake), where the American cousins were questioning their bond with the Brits. A plan was hatched where Burgess would essentially front a novel that would:

‘…lift the corner of the carpet and put into his novel classified material about the (then) new-fangled conditioning experiments and aversion therapies being devised to reform criminals—experiments which had wider implications for the concept of social engineering.’”According to Lewis’s ‘Curzon Street contact’:

‘…Burgess’s collaborator was a former CIA officer called Howard Roman, a languages expert whose particular field had been the Polish Intelligence Service, the Urzad Bezpieczenstwa (UB)—and it was a senior officer in Polish military intelligence, Michal Goleniewski, who upon defecting had told the CIA about the mole at Underwater Weapons Establishment Portland.’”The US connection explains why A Clockwork Orange is not littered with Russian references (as Burgess always claimed), but Americanisms like ‘liquor store,’ ‘sidewalk,’ ‘pretzel,’ and ‘candy.’”

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Did Zeus Exist?

January 25th, 2014

Flashback from the last year…

Did Zeus Exist?

The Stone July 31, 2013


zeusThe Stone is a forum for contemporary philosophers and other thinkers on issues both timely and timeless.

When my children were little, they liked to play “Mother, May I?” At one point, I combined the game with an early introduction to classical culture, changing the key question to “Zeus, May I?” with an imaginary thunderbolt throwing back anyone forgetting to ask permission.

Reminiscing about this recently, I asked the kids if they had thought that Zeus was real.  “Well,” one said, “I knew he didn’t exist anymore, but figured that he did back in ancient Greece.” This set me thinking about why we are so certain that Zeus never existed. Of course, we are in no position to say that he did.  But are we really in a position to say that he didn’t?

The standard line of thought seems to be that we have no evidence at all for his existence and so have every right to deny it.  Perhaps there is no current evidence of his existence — certainly no reports of avenging thunderbolts or of attempted seductions, no sightings around Mount Olympus.  But back in the day (say, 500-400 B.C.), there would seem to have been considerable evidence, enough in any case to make his reality unquestioned among most members of a rapidly advancing Greek civilization.

Further, as this civilization developed the critical tools of historiography and philosophy, Zeus’s reality remained widely unquestioned.  Socrates and Plato criticized certain poetic treatments, which showed Zeus and the gods in an unworthy light.  But they never questioned the very existence of the gods, and Socrates regularly followed the dictates of his daimon, a personal divine guide.  There were many questions about the true nature of the divine, but few about its existence.

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Manifesting the Mystic Morphic Field

January 24th, 2014


spaceflame-morphicfieldby Zen Gardner

There was an interesting article recently about researchers who found within the computer informational field what appears to be proof of foreknowledge of 9/11. The huge spike in chatter regarding the events immediately prior to the strikes is completely anomalous. In other words, it goes on to say, for it to be just a coincidence is next to impossible.

No big surprise. But what about this informational field?

They call this computer information world a type of “morphic field” or “information field” and it seems to be a virtual manifestation of the global mind. Not all of it of course, but the informational global mind, which at this point in history is a massive amount of generated information that’s accelerating by the hour.

Research in this field is also being investigated by other visionaries. By tracing trends in language using webbots that crawl the internet reading data with assigned values to various words, they’ve been able to often predict not only major events, trends and changes, but the specific nature and sometimes locations of future phenomena.

It’s not an exact science by any means, but this whole field starts to show the power of the literal electromagnetic informational mind as evidence of or a reflection of human consciousness, and we should pay close attention.

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Nazi Talking Dogs and Smart Plants?

January 12th, 2014

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Everyone knows the Nazis had ways to make us talk, but this is ridiculous! Some of Hitler’s goons had the bright idea a circus act of performing dogs were key to the German war effort. Though clever and observant, the pursuit of an uberhund was a fool’s errand. From sideshow to the main event, the aptly-named Michael Pollan wonders How Smart Are Plants? The field of plant neurobiology is contentious, first popularized by Bird and Tompkins’s The Secret Life Of Plants, with many phytologists turning up their noses at the suggestion of plants having analogous neurological structures, and intelligence, as animals. There are many pursuing studies, under the guise of observing signalling and behavior, like Monica Gagliano’s work wtih Mimosa pudica and the ouevre of Stefano Mancuso. Looking at their research, these are the mavericks best arguing for plant intelligence from mere anecdote to reproducible, and accepted, phenomenon using mainstream science’s beloved methodology. Maybe the Nazis should’ve been teaching trees to talk instead.

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Anomaly Radio 1/8/14

January 9th, 2014

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