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Modified : 3.1.01 

The Austin Anomaly Archive is currently the sole property of ELFIS (FAQs) curator SMiles Lewis. Several possible futures exist for this mass of accumulated ufo and related phenomena materials. The ever-expanding collection of over 500 books, 300+ magazines, and 100s of paper files runs the gamut of UFO information: from consciousness research to parapsychology and MORE!

It is intended to be a local repository for UFO related resources eventually being housed in a publicly accessible location which may also afford space for small events. The archives are not only for the public but more specificly for researchers networking throuth the UFOU -the Visible College / Earth's First UFO University. The Austin Anomaly Archives are also meant to serve as the main resource for UFOU's research project known as the ECCO of VALIS.

While providing public access to materials the archives will generate funds through Research Services beyond those offered for free to the public and UFOU networkers.

Austin Anomaly Archives Contents:

  • Book List - Alphabetical by Author
  • Book Authors Index
  • Book Subjects Index
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Local Abductee / Experiencer Support Group History - SMiles Lewis
  • Magazine List - Alphabetical by Title
  • Magazine Articles Authors Index
  • Magazine Articles Subjects index
  • Research Service FAQs - Answers to Previous (Common) Research Service Questions

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