Issue 3, Summer '95


Karla Turner / KELT Works
PO Box 32
Roland, AR 72135

Here in Austin, I know of three blind individuals who have had “sightings” of UFOs or related encounters. All three were born sighted, though, and most of their encounters would not generally be termed “abductions.” The one man witnessed several UFOs before loosing his sight to a form of diabetes. The other two women also had sightings prior to losing their sight. One encountered an entity/apparition while living at the Austin school for the blind which is a farely well known “ghost zone.” All of these experiencers have intriguing stories to tell that we hope to carry in future issues. In the mean time please help Karla Turner with this potentially insightful area of research.

- S Miles Lewis, Editor

The Incorporated
Society for Psychical Research
I’ve heard of the stodgy British reserve but you’d think that after 113 years of research they’d have gotten past whether these events occur. Sheesh!

Archives for UFO Research (AFU / UFO Sweden)

Dear Stephen Miles Lewis,

Thank you for sending your excellent and thought-provoking magazine to AFU. It is nice to see yet another journal in this area that is not totally wrapped into the crash & abduction themes (so typical of US UFO journals) and that does not wholeheartedly subscribe to the ET theory. Here in Sweden, too, there are two main factions of UFO interested people; the ET/contactee/abductee enthusiasts/believers and the rationalists/skeptics who prefer to analyze cases with an open mind and without making any definite judgements. I suppose you can guess that I belong to the last group...?

In the early 70's I wrote about "the new ufology" that then emanated from the US via books by Keel and Vallee. Nowadays, Keel/Vallee are not so popular as "UFO theorists" here but they served the task of pointing fingers to the enormous complexity of the UFO problem. Swedish ufology is more and more influenced by the European psychosocial school and by folklorists like Bullard.

The AFU Newsletter has been published since 1975-the first years in Swedish only, the last ten years in English only-may now revert to a mixture between the two languages in order to satisfy our widely different groups of supporters/sponsors/exchanges.

Unfortunately, limitations of time and money prohibit us from publishing more than once or twice a year. Most of our time is invested in the archives collection and managing the "ALU project" where we have now employed more than 15 out-of-work people for 4-6 month periods doing work for our foundation, such as computer coding of UFO reports; we will soon have a complete dBase file of more than 12,000 Swedish reports since 1993. We are-at this moment-mainly an exchange publication and we have exchanges with almost 100 publications/researchers whose works are continuously added to our reference library. Our total collection of magazines alone is about 65 metres of boxes on our shelves.

I enjoyed your magazine and will send the first two issues on loan to Stefan Roslund who has succeeded me as "international ufology" columnist for UFO-Aktuellt, Sweden's largest (and most serious) UFO periodical with a circulation of 2,000 copies. I am sure Stefan will eventually review your magazine for our Swedish audience and publish your address for readers interested in the fortean/UFO/paranormal/ELF debate.
Keep up your excellent work.

Archives for UFO Research

Anders Lilijegren-Editor AFU Newsletter/treasurer
PO Box 11027
S-600 11 Norrkoping

Dream Symbology Cosmology
Dear Editor,

Some of the articles in “E.L.F.” suggest symbolic meanings in stories, films, and events. This is of great interest to me, and I have not found this in other publications. My own path led to similar conclusions.

I’ll list a few events that seem to carry dream symbolism, with a brief interpretation of the possible meaning. Each one, has a background involving actual dreams and/or coincidences, but, for brevity, I must leave that part out.

Here is a list of a few of the films I feel are significant in their symbolism:
A dream/coincidence strongly suggested that the song, “The Power of the Music of the Dawn,” is related to the Angel in Revelation 7 who comes out of the eastern sun to mark the foreheads. This refers to dreams, which are remembered at dawn, at the dawn of a new age.

Jeffery Lewis’ article, “The Throne of Dreams,” was of great interest to me. I had some idea that symbolism was involved in the Simpson case, including the “horse” symbol of the Bronco. I missed the “Othello” meaning until I heard it expressed by Mike Kingsley on CNN’s “Crossfire.” So, not everyone missed it.

I have a few hints as to possible meanings. I had a dream where I saw a volt meter get hooked onto an overhead conveyer hanger. It was pulled up to a second story and started to cause sparks to fly from some electrical wires. After recording the dream, more news came on TV about the Simpson case. It struck me that the volt meter in the dream was clearly a brand called a Simpson. A short time later, I happened to review some of my past notes, and came to a dream I had about three years ago of a voltage reading being taken from wires with a Simpson meter.

This could indicate being lifted to a higher level, and a stress involved. In my symbols, a generator is similar in meaning to the Goddess Mother. She generates, or gives birth to our reality in each moment. We are the equivalent of the motor, being driven by the generator. The Simpson meter would then be an instrument for measuring the generated energy. This connects, in a way, to the “rod” or “reed” given to St. John in Revelation 11:2. He is told to measure the temple and altar with it. According to Swedenborg this means to “discern” the truthfulness (or untruthfulness) of the church. I think it could also refer to analyzing one’s own beliefs and actions, and/or those of the culture in which one lives.

Black people in dreams sometimes seem to indicate “invisible,” that is, spiritual beings or parts of ourselves. I have recorded a few dreams which indicate that black people may represent the blue people of eastern religions, such as Krishna.

Interestingly, Kali is sometimes depicted with her head cut off, or with a garland of human heads. I believe this symbolically represents a change in the way we think/believe. I can’t explain it briefly, but various dreams-coincidences seem to be related to this symbolism. Kali matches perfectly with the “harlot” or Revelation 17. This seems to represent the energy in our divided, warring time cycle, which is a judgment or karma cycle. We are nearing the end of the Kali-Yuga, I think. Philip K. Dick suggests this in VALIS, by saying we are going from the Age of Iron to the Age of Gold. The Kali-Yuga is the Age of Iron in the Hindu tradition. The Age of Gold was the first one, which seems to be akin to the Garden of Eden.

Isaiah 54:6 speaks of a wife of youth cast off. A dream of mine hinted that this may represent the harlot/Kali. Blavatsky said that Vishnu comes on a horse as the final avatar to defeat the evil forces for the final time. I believe this is related to the “vehan” vehicle. We rid ourselves of Kali at that time. In VALIS, the good twin gets rid of the female bad twin, who broke out of the embryonic sack prematurely.

Various parts of the Bible speak of those who sleep with the daughters of the harlot, or who have become drunk on her wine. This is the cup of fury drained by Babylon. Kali arouses feelings of “tamasisk,” which means “fury.” In depictions of Kali, she is shown seated or standing upon a reclining, copulating couple. The male is blue, wears a crown, and lies on his back. The female is white-skinned, and is on top of the dark male.

So, this is my guess. O. J. and Othello represent the blue male aspect. Nicole Simpson and Desdemona represent the white female aspect. The white woman aroused feelings of fury in the dark man. The harlot is the one who makes desolate, and this fits with O. J.’s condition now. The gnostics said we are in the black iron prison. The prisoner, hostage, or slave symbolism is expressed many times in the Bible, and often shows up in dreams. It seems to refer to negative, angry, violent thinking/actions which result in circular cycles or descending spirals. We imprison ourselves in these cycles, not knowing that we can become free by changing our ways.

As I see it, this symbolism refers to the “problems” we all face in our individual life paths, and to larger scales of this. They are actually challenges set up for a purpose. The Simpson case seems to be a drama about these issues.

I hope you see some “possible paradigms” in the material I have presented here. One way of looking at it is that any paradigm, myth, or theory is possible as an actual reality. In other words, we humans can create any reality based on our myths, or beliefs. It may not be an ultimately “true” reality, but it is an existence, or stage-play, for a time. It could be that there is no absolutely “true” paradigm, and that we simply create realities based on our beliefs, or create civilizations out of our myths. If this is indeed the case, why not promote one that is more positive and pleasurable than the one we hold at the moment?

Best of luck in your own myth-making,

Joe Mason

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