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Ritual Dreamwork
"And, invoking often..." ---Zoroaster.

John Carter
(author of Sex and Rockets:
The Occult World of Jack Parsons)

The intent of cermonial magic is just this: ritual repetition of any formal operation over a sufficient period of time eventually embeds the ritual's parameters firmly into the subconscious mind. Its structure becomes a part of you, effectively altering your world-view in the process. Sing "Jesus Loves Me" often enough and you'll soon believe it. Persistent invocation of heathen deities leads to a pantheistic view of the universe quite at odds with the jealous demiurge of the Judeo-Christian tradition; just look at the ecological bent animism has given the neo-pagan movement. Goddess worship is a natural outgrowth of feminism, and vice versa.

The Temple of Psychic Youth practiced a ritual sigilization on a monthly basis. The practitioner was instructed to focus his or her deepest desire while slowly masturbating to orgasm in a specific setting. Here the image of a short-term desire is reinforced by the Pavlovian reward of orgasm. Presumably the subconscious will capitalize on any random, subliminal occurrence to attain this goal; to force the hand of chance, as it were. Of course, a little conscious effort on the sigilizer's part doesn't hurt matters any, either, though some say the operation works best when it is forgotten completely by the conscious mind, apparently leaving the subconscious to work in peace towards its own ends. As with meditation, when all outside distractions are shut out the minds turns inward. Rather than assume anything, I recommend experimentation for the curious reader.

Austin Osman Spare had a quite different method of sigilizing, of which the TOPY version seems but a corruption (but who knows what mysteries lay at the heart of the Temple?!) Spare would devise a pictorial representation of the desired object or event by writing it down and arranging the letters into a sign or sigil (after a little editing and manipulation, that is). From here it's only a short leap to construction of a mantra for the same purpose, possibly even for use in conjunction with the sigil for a synergistic effect. Another idea would be to construct a single pictorial representation in symbols only; the nonverbal nature of the subconscious may be even more susceptible to this. After only a minimum of experimentation in this area, I've had a few small successes with speed-learning of various data. Advanced students could certainly learn to focus on the sigil internally, using only their mind's eye as di Tibetan Buddhist monks who must meditate upon incredibly complex tapestries depicting various heavens and hells, and peaceful and wrathful deities, until every detail can be recalled from memory.

Kenneth Grant takes Spare's system one step further, stating in his books that prolonged masturbation without ejaculation creates a psychic tension that must eventually be dissipated-if not in waking, then while the magician sleeps. He says that succubi will visit the magician's dreams, often bearing the mark of the sigil in use for the particular operation. Intercourse to orgasm will occur in these dreams, thus confirming the experiment's success. This is probably the secret-or a secret-of the eighth degree of the OTO.

The next obvious step is sex magic with a partner or partners. Tibetan and Indian tantrikas have known for centuries that prolonged sexual ecstasy without release is the way to at least one form of "enlightenment," usually in the guise of oracles. Perhaps the practitioners of karezza have reached a similar conclusion. The ninth degree of the OTO is said to work within the framework of such a system designed for the Occidental mind. Even Spare seems to have had such a relationship with the witch Paterson, in addition to his Zos Kia Cultis.

Here we have come full circle, for that which is repeated during the day will soon make its appearance by night as well. Many of the medieval European withches knew that the true sabbat occurred in dreams (not to mention under the influence of hallucinogens), while in the East the student of yoga is required to meditate day and night. Imagine staring at a brick wall all day with only minimal breaks for months on end, only to be told to do so in your sleep as well! Yet, dream programming is a reality, and by reading this article many of you will already have incubated a new dream experience. Indeed, Lovecraft's dreams seem to have been almost compensatory in nature, his mind's recourse for such a reclusive lifestyle; mine and those whose works I've read hold much closer to this paper's hypothesis: namely, as awake, so in sleep.

Dream control seems to be the best response to sigilizing in this respect, for what better way to communicate with the subconscious than in dreams? Lucidity should also be mentioned here; the process of becoming consciously aware in your dreams yet remaining asleep is pregnant with possibilities. Curiously, I've found more useful information to come from spontaneous dreams, pre-programmed or not-lucid dreams usually push the random subsconscious element to the fore. Still, the possibilities are obviously there, and most lucid dreaming does include many inexplicable elements. Like the dreamworld in Philip K. Dick's Ubik, it requires an intense effort to maintain a whole universe-something always seems to be falling apart at the edges.

Aleister Crowley used to advise his students to awaken at least once each night for some "magical" practice. Since we know that the most vivid, even lucid, dreams come early in the morning after several hours of sleep, it's not too hard to figure out what this practice was. That invocation of Nyarlothotep you've been working on? Try reciting it in a dream tonight and see what happens.

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