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In December '93 I penned a piece entitled PKD, The Unicorn and Soviet Psychotronics, which addressed--among other things--Soviet mind control experiments utilizing technologies discovered by Czech inventor Nicola Tesla around the turn of the century. PKD, of course, was Philip K. Dick, the late great speculative fiction novelist, who believed many strange things had happened to his head during the '70s, one such event being an alien invasion with just this type of Tesla technology. Phil later came to believe this Soviet mind control experiment upon his temporal lobe had developed into something far more strange (if that was at all possible) when an alien entity consisting of pure information skyjacked these psychotronically produced Soviet projections, using them to beam extraterrestrial messages of a benevolent nature into Phil's oft befuddled mind.

"The Unicorn"--as he was known to friends and fellow researchers--was none other than Ira Einhorn, a prominent figure in the new age counterculture of the late sixties and seventies. Phil and Ira became acquainted through the auspices of Co-Evolution Quarterly, later renamed The Whole Earth Review, a by-product of former Merry Prankster Stewart Brand's revolutionary brainchild, The Whole Earth Catalog. Within the letter section of CoEvolution Quarterly, Dick and Einhorn initiated a dialogue on Soviet psychotronics & mind control, and its far reaching implications. Shortly afterwards, Einhorn's girlfriend and fellow researcher Holly Maddux's dismembered body parts were discovered in a steamer trunk in Einhorn's Philadelphia apartment, and Einhorn charged with her murder.

In PKD, The Unicorn and Soviet Psychotronics I presented what at that time was nothing more than a visceral theory which posited that Einhorn might've been set up to take the rap of Holly's murder to silence him at a time when he was bringing to the forefront Tesla's hidden technologies, and the profound impact these technologies would have upon humankind if they were to ever become widely known. Now, just recently, an affirmation of my gut feeling/theory has been seconded by Walter Bowart in a revised and updated edition of his classic Operation Mind Control (OMC), recently reissued by Flatland.

In Chapter 29: Invisible Warfare , Bowart discusses areas of mind control that--at the time of the first printing of OMC in the late seventies--were just beginning to come to the attention of cryptocracy/conspiracy researchers. A more advanced technology of mind control--according to Bowart--had taken the place of such traditional covert modus operandi as mind altering drugs and hypnosis, supplanting them with the insidious use of various psychotronic technologies such as ELF waves, microwaves and other forms of electromagnetic manipulation, whereby waves tuned to a certain frequency could induce a subject to become more prone to auto-suggestion, and perhaps even induce depressive or overly aggressive ASCs. (Some of these weapons have been referred to as Non-Lethal in recent military literature.) Besides affecting the human mind and body, some have suggested, certain forms of electromagnetic waves could also effect weather patterns from great distances.

One of the chief proponents in exposing the use of these covert technologies is Lt. Colonel Thomas Beardon, USAF (Ret.), a close friend and former associate of the aforementioned "Unicorn". A former military intelligence officer, Beardon publishes Specula , a magazine devoted to "psychotronics" and "bio-energetics". In the mid eighties, Bill Jenkins hosted a radio program on AM KFI in Los Angeles which on a weekly basis dealt with subjects of the paranormal. The first time I tuned into Jenkin's show his guest was none other than Col. Beardon, who spoke of a mysterious "woodpecker" signal, which during that era had become quite the hot topic among ham operators around the world. The so-called "woodpecker" signal could be replicated by tapping a pencil on a table between eight and fourteen times each second. Beardon claimed this signal emanated from the Soviet Union and had been traced to an alleged "Tesla Generator" in the cities of Riga and Gomel, and that the "woodpecker" signal was responsible for weather modification wars covertly waged upon an unsuspecting United States citizenry by the wily and unscrupulous Russians. These manipulations of U.S. weather patterns created a drought in the western states which ostensibly caused severe effects on farming and the economy in 1976, the same year the infamous "woodpecker" signal was first discovered. Such discoveries as these--shared with, and dispersed by, The Unicorn--are what many believe led to his subsequent fall from grace, when the figurative horn fell from his head as he shed his Unicorn identity, sinking into the shadows of anonymity to escape the dragnet of Big Brother.

Einhorn--prior to his arrest and subsequent flight from the authorities--was what Bowart termed "a dangerous free thinker." He'd become a one man army dedicated to information proliferation, setting up a vast network to disseminate the cutting edge ideas promulgated by a legion of new age physicists and researchers with whom he'd become associated, making available the actual blueprints of Tesla's inventions to any one who requested them, for a nominal fee. In so doing, Einhorn created a network along the lines of forums now accessible on the internet. Eventually--had he not been "Put down, smudged, smeared, framed" as Bowart asserts--Einhorn and his ideas would probably be reaching a far wider audience through today's computer forums than what was possible in the late seventies via snail mail. These dangerous ideas consisted of information and designs of "free energy machines" along the lines of what Tesla had invented, as well as information on the various PSYOPS to which the military and intelligence agencies had been covertly applying these technologies.

As previously stated in PKD, The Unicorn and Soviet Psychotronics, Einhorn first came to the attention of the American public as Master of Ceremonies for the first Earth Day Celebration in 1970. Over the ensuing years, this event has unfortunately become a corporate sponsored shadow of its former self. Where the earlier versions were known for their radical and activist agendas, more recent incarnations of "Earth Day" have become increasingly soft peddled and watered down by the corporate elite; like a Burger King, for instance, who promotes the use of recyclable products while at the same time hacking away at what's left of the Earth's rapidly diminishing rain forests.

Among his many contacts, friends and acquaintances Einhorn counted such luminaries as Michael Murphy of Esalen Institute, astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Edgar Mitchell, Uri Geller and Andrija Puharich, Arthur C. Clarke, Arthur Koestler, Stewart Brand, UFO authority Jacques Vallee, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, EST founder Werner Erhard, not to mention leading edge quantum physicists Fred Wolf and Jack Sarfatti--of whom, for both--Einhorn even served for awhile as literary agent.

Being tapped into, as he was, this so-called cutting edge pipe line of new age thinkers, Einhorn--because of his vast knowledge of the latest discoveries and happenings in the rapidly developing communications industries, and other technologies--worked on retainer as a consultant for several large corporations, among them AT&T. Einhorn also served for a time as an aid to Congressman Charlie Rose (D-N.Y.), who himself was keenly interested in Tesla's inventions and other suppressed high-tech. Elsewhere in OMC, Bowart chronicles a meeting between Congressman Rose and a Canadian inventor in the late seventies who had developed a helmet--that when placed upon head--would take its wearer into another world, much like the VR eyegear-unit postulated in the movie Brainstorm . One such virtual reality scenario played out upon the wearer's of said helmet was a mock alien abduction. Congressman Rose put on the helmet and was run through this virtual reality/alien abduction program. Much to his amazement, the simulated scenario seemed incredibly realistic. This device sounds quite similar to Michael Persinger's much touted "Magic Helmet", which has been receiving a fair amount of press recently. Although Bowart doesn't name the inventor of the helmet, chances are it was Persinger to whom he was referring. Persinger's name has also been bandied about by mind control investigator, Martin Cannon--in his treatise The Controllers--as a behind the scenes player in intelligence operations related to MKULTRA. The Controllers main premise is that alien abductions are screen memories to conceal covert mind control operations employed by Intelligence Agencies.

Bowart goes further to illustrate this so-called "dangerous free thinking" of Einhorn's in quoting from Sarfatti's Illuminati, which appeared on the internet in 1992, mentioning Einhorn frequently within it's text. Jack Sarfatti was a prominent member of Einhorn's inner circle of "cosmic conspiracy" allies. In his literary Illuminati, Sarfatti described a meeting which once took place with other illuminaries of this "free thinking" scene in Uri Geller's hotel room. Those in attendance consisted of Sarfatti, Uri and his mentor Andrija Puharich, Brendan O'Regan of the Stanford Research Institute, and Einhorn. At this time Sarfatti remembers startling "...Uri by asking him if he could trigger a nuclear weapon by psychokinesis. I later found out from Ron McRae (author of Mind Wars ) that some of our intelligence people were greatly concerned about that possibility. I may have initiated that concern..." Later Sarfatti says: "Former naval Intelligence and Jack Anderson reporter Ron McRae told me that the Navy had been fooled by phony data on remote viewing of Soviet submarines because someone had leaked the actual data to phony psychics. McRae seems to have omitted this story from his book... Barbara Honegger said that policy decisions on the basing of MX missiles were made by Reagan staff under the belief that remote-viewing worked. Harold Chipman believed that it worked and told me that he had used it successfully in his business..."

What I find most interesting is the interrelationship between so-called "psychic energy", and electromagnetics. Is the transmission of psychotronic thought projections into a subject's mind via low frequency waves the same phenomenon that occurs with telepathy or telekinesis? Remote viewing is basically astral projection; the transportation of one's spirit energies through time and space, and the astral body is often described as an electrical-type energy. In my own very brief and limited excursions into the astral plane, there was always the sensation of electrical energy moving through and transporting my astral body. Do all of these phenomena derive from the same elemental force; an unseen energy that can manifest within various frequencies and spectrums?

The shaman uses his astral body to heal the sick. Conversely, the psychic spook uses these powers to spy on the enemy. Are these currents of energy which healers generate, the very same electromagnetic, biomagnetic or psychotronic energies that nowadays can be harnessed into portable microwave weapons with uses and unlimited applications for purposes good or ill?

Some have suggested (such as John Judge and David Emory) that the alien abduction phenomenon sweeping these United States--and the planet as a whole--are in essence mind control matrixes used by intelligence organizations for various means, one being a method for creating mind controlled assassins along the lines of John Hinkley, Jr., or Sirhan Sirhan. Bowart finds these theories quite plausible, and throughout OMC cites several specific instances where the alien abduction phenomenon and/or The satanic ritual abuse experience were used as vehicles to facilitate mind control programs upon unwitting subjects. In the late seventies, one such incident of hypnotic regression centered around a small alien costume, much like the one used in Spielberg's ET , filmed a few years afterwards. The eyewitness account of this hypnotically regressed subject claimed to have seen a young child dressed in this outfit, portraying an alien as part of a mind programming scenario. (A recent episode of the X-Files also used this theme.) [So does Vallee's novel Fastwalker -Ed] None of this, of course, dismisses outright the UFO phenomenon; nor does it mean we have not been visited by EBEs. Nevertheless, its implications are staggering when one considers the impact and subsequent commercialization of the alien abduction phenomenon, and how it has challenged and reshaped the belief systems and psyches of millions upon millions of the planet's inhabitants, in essence creating a new paradigm that prior to thirty years ago was virtually non-existent.

In his audio tape series UFO Phenomenon and ET Myth David Emory listed--in reference to Whitley Strieber and ET contact--a number things, that we as humans, need to be wary of: "...One, being mind control. Somebody could be placed under hypnosis, and have somebody come in with a suit. Or the other is holograms; holographic projections. And also, genetic engineering, and also the use of those things in combination with each other in terms of actual contact with ETs--real or imagined--and as far as the phenomenon itself: If real flying saucers come down, people are going to be ready to believe in something from outer space...There's so many things in the possession of humans at this time which could be used to simulate that phenomenon...The Whitley Strieber material could be the result of mind control, or the applications of any one of those things." When Emory refers to real flying saucers coming down, he means man-made terrestrial craft, owned and operated by Big Brother/Uncle Sam. Allegedly, these are the very same saucers the Nazis had developed towards the end of World War 2, that were among the hidden technologies snuck into the good ol' U.S. of A. under the auspices of Project Paperclip, when such notorious Third Reichers as Spymaster Reinhard Gehlen, and Rocket-Boy Werner von Braun--among scores of others--were given asylum in exchange for wartime secrets. With them as well came much useful information in the areas of mind control, rocketry and chemical warfare, which at that time were state of the art in the hands of former SS scientists.

I would also at this time like to add my own two bits to Emory's comments: That the idea of holographic projections--in the creation of a mind control hoax--is a scenario I find most compelling, as time goes by. Like Phil Dick pondering VALIS, I've spent many a wee hour contemplating the ultimate meaning of my own UFO encounter; and the idea of holographic projections used in combination with a powerful mind altering chemical like LSD--orchestrated under the direction of some MK Ultra/MIB task force--is certainly something I can buy into. (But like Phil Dick, I'll probably wake up at 3 AM, and come up with another theory that will work equally well, replacing my current thesis of hallucinogenic/holographic mind manipulation with perhaps something tenfold bizarre.)

Though at times some of Bowart's claims in OMC seem to border on the outlandish, and push the envelope of credulity (such as Bob Hope's role as a covert controller of a hypnotically programmed Candy Jones-type courier & sex slave), the observations he makes regarding the ET phenomenon ring true to this observer, running parallel to certain theories presented by the highly respected UFO researcher Jacques Vallee, namely Vallee's Messengers of Deception hypothesis. One aspect of Vallee's theory postulates that intelligence agents, secret societies and religious cults (or a combination of all three) are behind the UFO phenomenon, orchestrating abductions and manipulating the reality as erroneously perceived by UFO percipients and other assorted dupes and self proclaimed authorities alike, who inhabit the U-fool-ology Community (as Jim "Saucer Smear" Moseley calls it.)

In the conclusion of his 1990 book, Revelations , Vallee felt compelled to quote Phil Dick, whom he seems to regard as a prime example of someone caught in the confusing conundrum of extraterrestrial contact:

It was my pet theory, presented in the previous article, that Phil Dick had--somewhere along the line--been the unwitting recipient of a brain implant, and that this brain implant was used as a receptor for the Zebra/VALIS transmissions. Admittedly, I didn't have much to base this assumption on except for my own somewhat limited knowledge of those 'wavies' who've claimed victimization via similar mind control implants. (I later discovered, in an interview with Greg Rickman, Phil had stated he suspected a brain implant had been placed in his head, and that the Xerox Missive was supposedly a trigger to set off the implant, but failed. For more on this see PKD: THE LAST TESTAMENT by Greg Rickman.) Acting upon my presumption that psychotronic mind control could be enacted only upon brain implanted subjects, I followed my theory (vis-a-vis Phil Dick & VALIS) to a somewhat erroneous conclusion, at least as far as the necessity of inter-cranial implants are concerned.

Now--according to Bowart's OMC--there are numerous sources, which he cites in abundance, that provide overwhelming documentation that the practitioners of mind control technology don't necessarily require remote-controlled implants embedded in their subjects to enable the beaming of missives and other forms of mental harassment and psychological torture, such as intense feelings of anxiety and the inducement of trance states which engender the receiver to post hypnotic suggestion, for example. The human brain itself appears to be a suitable receptor. Much in the same fashion that telepathy would be received, so presumably can the electromagnetic projections of psychotronic engineers, albeit unwillingly on the part of the targeted victims.

At the end of chapter 28 of OMC, Bowart makes his one and only reference to PKD, while commenting upon the best selling books of the so-called cyberpunk literary movement. (Many consider Dick, along with William S. Burroughs, the precursors of cyberpunk fiction.) Bowart claims that "cyberpunk" writers such as William Gibson, Bruce Sterling and others "romanticize a cybernetic reality." Having read Neuromancer, and a few other titles, I don't necessarily pick up the same sense of romanticism as does Bowart. From the small amount of cyberpunk fiction I have read, I think these authors are doing what all good science fiction writers through the decades have attempted; to send out red flares to this and future generations, alerting us to the potential pitfalls that can arise from the misuse of science and technology, and its possible deleterious effects upon human free will. Bowart mentions PKD in brief, focusing on Dick's autobiographical novel, VALIS, describing it as a "highly literate description of the things the survivors of the so-called MTS are describing." (Elsewhere in OMC, Bowart provides documentation on the Mental Telepathy System (MTS), a CIA sponsored mind control experiment revolving around the use of psychotronics.) Bowart then proceeds to quote Dick from VALIS on this phenomenon:

In an excerpt from his newsletter MK Quarterly, self proclaimed mind control victim Bernie Nelson relates his own ominous tale, which sounds resoundingly similar to the countless other stories of alleged mind control victims found in Bowart's OMC, and other related publications such as Cannon's The Controllers.

While Bernie's brain was being butt-fucked by malevolent psychotronic beams to the verge of insanity in a hotel room in Austin TX, a mysterious voice in his head told him that one of the "Chicago 8" (Abbie Hoffman) was likewise being bombarded ala MKULTRA with the same sort of technology aimed at driving the late Mr. Hoffman over the edge, which is apparently what very well might've happened when dear departed Abbie allegedly committed suicide by swallowing 150 phenobarbital capsules, washing them down with alcohol. By doing himself in, perhaps this was Abbie's way of refusing to be controlled. Or, on the other hand, maybe this was the reason Abbie was being psychotronically harassed in the first place; i.e. to get rid of him 'cause he'd become a pain in the arse to the Establishment.

After emerging from the underground in the early eighties and surrendering himself to the long arm of the law, Abbie soon found himself once again in the thick of radical/activist causes, protesting with Amy Carter the on-campus recruitment at Columbia U. of prospective CIA employees. This case was taken all the way to the Supreme Court, where Hoffman, Carter et al. won a ruling in their case.

Abbie's last great cause was his war on "The War on Drugs" with his controversial book Steal This Urine Test in which he took to task the hypocritical stance of Herr Reagan and Bush and their phony "War", as all the while the likes of Ollie North turned a blind eye to the illegal transportation of weapons and drugs going back and forth between the United States and Nicaragua in planes piloted by a seamy underground network of U.S. affiliated rogue spooks and soldiers of fortune.

Some friends of Abbie say manic depression led to his suicide, while others say this was bullshit and that Abbie was another in a long line of political assassinations which has marred this country with its dark bloody stain for several decades now.

With Abbie's passing from the earthly plane, the Chicago 8 instantaneously became the Chicago 7. Now, with Jerry's Rubin's recent unfortunate and curious separation of the mortal coil--being run down by a car in L.A.--it's now the Chicago 6 , and going fast.

Some contend (among them the brilliant conspiracy theorist and equally dead--by mysterious means--Mae Brussel) that Jerry and Abbie were agents provocateur working hand in glove with the American Intelligence Community to infiltrate and subvert the counterculture movement of the late great sixties. ("Never trust anybody over thirty," Jerry Rubin once proclaimed. He just happened to be over 30 when he uttered that famous pronouncement.) If not for Rubin and Hoffman performing their function as leaders of the YIPPIES in organizing the protest of the 1968 Democratic National Convention, could perhaps the Chicago riots been averted and the Democratic Party not have been stigmatized by the negative press resulting from the Gestapo-like tactics of Mayor Daley and his brownshirts in the streets of Chicago? Furthermore, if the siege of Chicago hadn't gone down, might Tricky Dick have lost the '68 Presidential Race, and with a Democratic administration in place then would we have seen a quicker resolution to the war in Vietnam? Obviously, these are questions that can never be fully answered unless one finds a passageway into a parallel world where bad things like the offing of the Brothers Kennedy never happened; or a better world where Vietnam never escalated into horrific proportions, in addition to becoming the training ground for a new generation of mind controlled assassins, as Bowart contends in chapter 2 of OMC: Only One Mind For My Country, which tells the story of a lad using the alias of David.

David, though he didn't serve in Vietnam, enlisted in the military in 1969 and was recruited by Air Force Intelligence. After David returned from duty, his time spent in the military as a warehouseman seemed almost a dream. David served not only in California, North Dakota, but also Guam, yet it all seemed like a hazy blur to him, and there was much "missing time" he could not account for.

Eventually David went to a psychiatrist to unlock these hidden memories, which were causing him extreme psychological and emotional distress. The discoveries David's psychiatrist unearthed were mind blowing and revelatory, revealing that David had become a Manchurian Candidate victim of mind control, the effects of which he is still recovering from to this day. This aspect of "missing time" (a phrase coined by Budd Hopkins in regards to ETs) once again brings us back to alien abductions, where missing time is a recurring theme, as it is in so-called satanic ritual abuse. What Bowart discovered in his research was that these various phenomena (alien abductions, ritual abuse, or even something more mundane like performing the duties of an airforce warehouseman) were simply cover stories for what was really going on deep down in the psyche of mind control victims. The mind controlled psyche--like an onion--needs to be peeled back layer by layer until finally the deprogrammer is able to arrive at the real story of what has taken place within the scarred minds of these purported MKULTRA victims. And--as the psychiatrists who have been involved in this work have shared with Bowart--this is no easy process. It may, in fact, take several years of therapy--with a single patient--of peeling back all these mental layers and, in some cases, but not all, finally discovering the exact and well-hidden triggers that open up the various doors upon doors within their minds, at last leading to the hidden truth. Sometimes this is a dangerous proposition, indeed; for not only the patient, who if given the wrong trigger might be programmed to self-destruct; but for the therapists as well, who have found many of their lives threatened by unlocking secrets that, more often than not, lead back to American Intelligence or rogue agents and other spooky mind controllers--including cults with intelligence connections--who are involved in this vast conspiracy of mind control, referred to by those in the know as Operation Monarch.

In retrospect, I believe Jerry Rubin probably was an agent provocateur, though I have my doubts about Abbie being a provocateur; at least a witting one. It's also worth noting that Abbie and Ira Einhorn were revolutionary pals before Abbie went underground due to a coke sting in the early seventies, ostensibly set up by Government narcs. Around the time Abbie emerged from the underground, the Unicorn had began his own nefarious descent into the nether regions of safe houses, forged passports and funky disguises, submerging into a life on the lam. It never ceases to amaze this reporter, when you look at some of the most influential figures of the sixties--those who really did the most to shape, influence and inspire the "peace and love" generation--that most of them are now dead and buried, or missing in action like Ira "the Unicorn" Einhorn. Abbie & Jerry, case in point. The Kennedys, blasted by blood splattering bullets to their respective brains. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and the most important members of the Black Panther Party all gone, kaput, mortalities of COINTELPRO. The three J's: Jim, Janis and Jimi--also coincidentally targeted by the FBI--now sing the blues in Rock N' Roll Heaven. John Lennon pumped full of hot lead outside the Dakota by a mind-controlled baby faced assassin. Lenny Bruce, like dead fat Elvis, a blue bloated corpse on a bathroom floor with underwear wrapped around cold ankles. Huey Newton, shot dead over an alleged drug deal gone sour. Emmet Grogan--the main man behind the Haight Ashbury Diggers--O.D.'ed on the subway in New York. Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, the two most seminal influences from the Beat fifties that influenced the psychedelic sixties--dead by '69, passing with the decade. Phil Ochs--the anti-war activist/folk singer and YIPPIE--found dangling dead, hung on a rope, victim of an apparent suicide. More recently Frank Zappa--a powerful and intelligent political voice--succumbing to prostate cancer. Bob Marley, the voice of Rastafarianism and Jamaican liberation, falling victim to cancer. Peter Tosh--founding member of the Wailers along with Marley--shot dead. Now Kurt Cobain--a voice of a new generation--performing the near impossible task of shooting himself into oblivion while performing fellatio on a shotgun. The same old pattern and questions have arisen from his tragic demise. The list is endless. And who has taken their places? The Black Movement is now full of political opportunists and anti-Semites like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakan, respectively. Although the Kennedys were far from perfect (what politician ever is?) whom have we seen for a very long time within the political arena that even comes close to meeting the potential of the Brothers K? Who's the new John Lennon?

It may appear that I've swerved away from the general topic at hand of mind control and psychotronics into several tangential conspiracies that only tenuously intertwine and relate to one another. But it's my contention that all of these arcane theories into which I've dangerously delved are interrelated, and are just various tentacles that lead back to the very same "Octopus" that reached out and touched Danny Casolaro, when Casolaro got to close to the Truth.

UFOs, Mind Control, Political Assassinations, et al. are all connected and originate from the same shadowy source. "Is the American Intelligence Community responsible for these conspiracies!!??" you might skeptically inquire, with a perceptible edge to your voice. Well, to some degree, Yes, but that's only a small piece of the puzzle. Other world governments, agencies and secret societies--whose mysterious memberships often overlap into such groups as the Knights of Malta, the P2 Lodge and the Trilateral Commission, to name just a few--are also involved, including front organizations and rogue elements of intelligence agencies that sometimes work autonomously or subcontract to the highest bidder; whatever the weather allows. Although these groups might not have the same exact agenda--and although the various conspiracies they are propagating may in actuality be competing conspiracies--they all work together (although frequently oblivious of one another, or in apparent conflict--either real of perceived) to form one continuous whole that maintains an ultimate power control group, keeping those select few in power who hide in the shadows pushing the buttons and pulling the levers, manipulating the events of the world--just like the mystery man behind the purple velvet curtain in the merry old land of Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Each of these groups taken singularly do not represent the whole. In this manner all these agencies and secret societies often overlap and intersect. The Octopus, The Conspiracy, or whatever one chooses to call It is a synthesis of all these various and competing conspiracies that form a unified field theory. Though each and every competing conspiracy involved may have a different set agenda, they all eventually intersect somewhere in the belly of that great metaphorical Beast 666, that for want of a better name I call the Octopus, but which could also be called the One World Government, the New World Odor, or the Illuminaughty. You can point an accusing finger at such diverse entities as Wall Street Bankers, the Communist Conspiracy, CFR, the Freemasons, or British Royalty--the list goes on and on. But pinning the blame on such disparate conspiratorial scapegoats as these is far too simple, for the sum is greater than the parts. The left hand doesn't always know what the right hand is doing. For as long as these competing conspiracies do not come in conflict with those "handful of manipulative pimps" (as Dick Gregory likes to call them) that stand in the shadows--pulling the strings of us meat puppets--then such strange phenomena and conspiracies as presented in this sometimes rambling and paranoia-fueled treatise will continue on, ad nauseam, until that faraway day when the curtain is finally drawn to reveal the Great and Powerful Oz, cowering in the shadows, naked and unmasked. Hopefully that day will eventually dawn.

I would like to wrap up this long winded and unwieldy rant with a quote from the recently published 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time by Vankin & Whalen. In the final chapter Vankin and Whalen conclude their collection of conspiracies with the Mother of them all: the continually perplexing and infinitely tragic JFK Assassination. I present the following paragraph because it sums up in a few words what I've just spent several paragraphs clumsily trying to outline; that being a theory of competing conspiracies; a thesis echoed by others, like Ishmael Reed in his book Mumbo Jumbo, and the always controversial John Judge.

I believe the above quote is only a microcosm in the macrocosm of conspiracy politics; as mind control, psychotronics, and the "War On Drugs" are simply a few of the various weapons being used to wage war upon human free will, and the individual sovereignty of our minds.

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