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Poet Kunitz, born in 1905 in Worcester, Mass., wrote at about the age of 80, of "listening to an old man, awake at night beside his wife of many years and still shaken by the erotic drama of his dreams." -San Francisco Examiner in 1997.

"The Abduction"

Some things I do not profess
to understand, perhaps
not wanting to, including
whatever it was they did
with you or you with them
that timeless summer
when you stumbled out of the wood,
distracted, with your white blouse torn
and a bloodstain on your skirt.
"do you believe?' you asked.
Between us, through the years,
from bits, from broken clues,
we pieced enough together
to make the story real:
how you encountered on the path
a pair of sleek, grey hounds,
trailed by a dumbshow retinue
in leather shrouds; and how
you were led, through leafy ways,
into the presence of a royal stag,.
flaming in his chestnut coat,
who kneeled on a swale of moss
before you; and how you were borne
aloft in triumph through the green,
stretched on his rack of budding horn,
till suddenly you found yourself alone
in a trampled clearing.
That was a long time ago,
almost another age, but even now,
when I hold you in my arms,
I wonder where you are.
Sometimes I wake to hear
the engines of the night thrumming
outside the east bay window
on the lawn spreading to the
rose garden.
You lie beside me in elegant repose,
a hint of transport hovering on your lips,
indifferent to the harsh green flares
that swivel through the room,
searchlights controlled by
unseen hands.
Out there is childhood country,
bleached faces peering in
with coal for eyes.
Our lives are spinning out
from world to world;
the shapes of things
are shifting in the wind.
What do we know
beyond the rapture and the dread?



As the "dream" began, I found myself just inside the gate of some kind of compound, enclosed in a high cyclone fence with tilted-in barbed wire at the top. It was the type of fence you would see enclosing a prison or military installation. I was milling around with about a hundred other people, all of us naked and confused, and felt a surge of anger and frustration as the guards roughly herded us forward, with as little concern as one would have with cattle. I strained to focus on these guards, but their faces were "fuzzed" out, with a shimmer similar to the one used to blank out faces on TV when someone's identity is being protected. They were clothed in neutral grey uniforms, and carried something in their hands, a gun or club or heavy stick, which they used to prod anyone who lagged behind. I knew, with some sort of previous knowledge, that we were "going to the doctor" for some kind procedures. The details of this dream were very clear - I could feel the sharp gravel under my bare feet, hear the frightened murmurs of the shivering people as they were shoved and pushed forward.

We proceeded on to a one story beige brick building, with glass brick in the front window area, as was used in 1930's style architecture. This seemed to be some kind of administration building, for we were taken in and seated beside desks, where ordinary looking clerks sat with clipboards, ready to record information from the "patients:' The feeling accompanying this scenario was one of extreme helplessness and isolation - I was agitated and frightened, and wanted very much to be out of there. I can't recall what they asked or wrote on the charts, but it must have been routine statistics, for we were soon finished and gathered together by the grim guards for the next step in their operation.

As we walked across the gravel and sand yard, I looked around and saw numerous barracks style buildings, of a neutral, light grey-brown color, with no vegetation or other detail to relieve the institutional drabness. There were a few dark vehicles parked here and there, but nothing that would identify the location of the compound. We walked towards a huge hangar-sized structure, with big doors closed, and then entered by a small door in the side of the building.

As we were herded into the enormous interior, I saw many, many curtained off areas, such as you see in emergency rooms. I was in a kind of daze at this point, and did not protest as I was led into one of the cubicles and placed on a grey metal table, which felt very cold to my bare back. There the dream gets fuzzy, and is a tangle of images, one a very disturbing reminder of the recurring "coffin dream" I had as a child. In both instances I was put into a small container, this time with electrodes fastened around on my body, and left for a frightening period of time.

I seem to recall hearing someone crying, but I can't get a clear picture of the activity which accompanied this image.

After that, I was back outside, walking towards the gate. I don't know if I was unclothed at this point, for the "dream" faded. I came to with a start, sat straight up in bed, and looked at my bedside table clock, which I could see by the streetlight streaming in the window.

It was exactly two a.m. I felt wide awake and terrified, and jumped out of bed and began pacing the floor, suddenly aware that my body ached from head to foot. After swallowing a potassium tablet and an aspirin, I went back to bed, determined to get some sleep, for the next day was a work day, and I needed to be alert.

I related this dream to a friend, at work, during my coffee break the next day. This friend is aware of my UFO experiences, is possibly an experiencer as well, and could be trusted to keep confidences. As I finished telling the last part, in which I woke up at 2 a.m., another co-worker came in the break room and asked why we had the serious faces. We laughed and answered only that I'd had a really spooky dream, which had upset my night.

"That's funny, r had a really weird dream too," he remarked. "r was out driving around, and I didn't have any clothes on! I came up to this big gate, and got out and went inside, and there were all these other people there, naked as jay birds." He didn't seem to notice that my friend and I were staring at him open mouthed, as he continued recalling basically the same dream that I had experienced, He finished by adding, "It was really strange - I woke up at two o'clock, wide awake, and my body was hurting all over. I got up and walked around for a while, and rubbed my arms and legs, and got a glass of water, but it took a long time to go back to sleep. I feel real hung over this morning, and I can't figure out why. I went to bed early, and didn't even have one beer."

Coincidence? Telepathically tapping into each other's minds? Or did we both experience the same event? I doubt if we will ever know, for I cannot discuss this mystery with my co-worker, He is a member of a fundamentalist religious congregation, and refuses to acknowledge that there are any other worlds except for our world, or that God ever created any other beings except for the humans on planet Earth. He has had dreams of being kidnapped by "demons", who took him for fantastic rides, to places where he saw "vampires", but these will remain dreams for him. I cannot topple his world by suggesting other realities - he wouldn't believe it if I did. He wouldn't believe a single word.


Tome from the DreamTime

Dean James

Human Stew

Adam Gorightly

UFOs are coming
From another space & time
Traveling ‘cross the Universe
To mutilate our minds
I’ve seen them in my visions
And on my TV screen
These evil genius aliens
In their space-age machines.
They call me on the telephone
Via telepathy
And tell me that they’ve come to Earth
To rule humanity
We’re gonna have to stop them
Before it is too late
And we become their human toys
Mass slavery our fate.
So the time is nigh, my friends
It’s clear what we must do
We must either blow our planet up
Or become human stew
For what’s the use of living
Under whips and chains
Wielded by green masters
With huge mutated brains?
So now you know the story
Tell me what you're gonna do
Nuke this crazy planet
Or become human stew?
For what’s the use of living
Once they mutilate your mind?
These evil genius aliens
From another space & time.


John Carter

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