What Are Angels?
Jay Bremyer

        For several years now I have been writing about anomalous phenomena such as crop circles, remote viewing, extraterrestrial intelligence, time travel, and extrasensory visions of independent activities in the subtle dimensions.  But -- although I have many friends who talk about their dialogues with and guidance from angels, and I accept the reality of their experiences -- just as I went through a number of years finding it distasteful to speak about “God,” I’m still a little reluctant to speak about “angels.” 

        I am not against angels.  Nor am I against the religions in which angels figure actively.  But what I mean by “angels” is quite different than John Travolta in Michael or Nicholas Cage in City of Angels or what new agers, spiritualists, fundamentalists, or other folks seem to mean when they refer to angels.  Yet I do  agree that something fascinating and important is happening!

        In 1969 my wife and I were initiated into the Western Mystery Tradition by an alchemical, multi-dimensional teacher who blew our minds and changed our lives forever.  While remaining fully conscious, Elsie channeled entities who claimed they represented the hierarchy of advanced beings charged with responsibility for the evolution of consciousness on this planet.   Some of these entities appeared to be benign, wise, prescient, certainly much more enlightened and devoted to world service and related high spiritual impulses than am I.  Others, according to Elsie, were malign manipulators, disembodied interpolators in the unguarded medium which she provided or perhaps even splinters of her own subconscious out to gain power and endurance though putting on a good show.   Because “the occult is the biggest con-game in the world,” we had sole responsibility for determining which was which, what was what. 

        Great Beings do exist, but that does not mean that every voice which claims to be one is one!   In fact, isn’t it more likely that, as the Taoists say, they who are, never say; they who aren’t, claim they are? 

        I had come to the experience with Elsie armed with the Buddhist teaching that if you meet Buddha on the road you must kill him.  Nevertheless I was so impressed by the majesty of Elsie’s conversations with these entities that I simply wanted to stay there and serve her or them.  I count it one of the great blessings in my life that upon detecting that in me, Elsie beat me away, insisting that I was of no use to the hierarchy of great beings unless I first became master of my own life, first fulfilled the obligations inherent in my birth. 

        I am concerned about folks who live their lives according to the “dictation” of disembodied entities, whether from the Archangel Michael or Gloria Christ herself, unless human criteria are satisfied first. 

        I think that we humans have a responsibility to evaluate our inner as well as outer perceptions and own our actions.  We can choose to follow the guidance of the angel who whispers to or shouts at us, but only after measuring the meaning and taking responsibility for the effect.  I like the Michael (Travolta-type) archangels, warrior bon-vivants who smoke and drink and recognize the importance of humans making up their own minds and hearts.  I like the Seth (Cage-type) angels who suggest that in order to take that next step in their own development, even though it is surely painful, each will ultimately fall into the human form.  It’s a beautiful thing: this crazy, cruel life-stream.

        But what is an angel, anyhow?  The medieval libraries were full of books going into the specifics.  There are even sections in modern libraries and sites on the world wide web full of explanations.  As with all else, however, the words are creative as well as disabling.  The X-line of angels is not the same as the Y-line.  Although Gabriel appears in both, and in 500,000 other experiential explications, s/he is different each time.  We only overlap enough to have a common, although diaphanous, ground.  Great prophecy awakens us so we are nearly transparent to transcendence.  But that transcendence, like the hurtling of Great Lucifer and Proud Ahriman onto the surface of the earth from which Lucifer leaps upward into the air and Ahriman burrows into the substance of the stone, like Christ Jesus’s harrowing of hell and Magdalene’s haunting of the caves,  like the killing and eating of the beasts so that their cells may sustain our own and with us ultimately be released -- all this simply takes us deeper into this particular space/time continuum from which some non-day we might emerge with messages for the Grand Mother-Fucker of the first incarnational impulse. 

        Reportedly, the Archangel Michael does not talk to the Tofu Mombas of Galacticus, Minnesota.  A strange, isolated enclave, descendants of early  Neolithic vagabonds, never infiltrated by Phoenician, Celtic, Scandinavian, or other missionaries, the Mombas don’t even speak English.   Ironically, however, according to my own guidance, they do live in a manner more nearly coincident with the teachings of the Son of God than do the noble Arch-deacon and related citizens of the Body of Christ in Milwaukee.  The Mombas do talk to trees and ancestral porcupines.

        Careful study is being applied to crop circles, ufos, extraterrestrial and abduction experiences, but not much to those eight-foot-tall golden guys with wing-like appendages who seem to be messengers and healers, lovers and angels.  We have lots of reports of strange exchanges in the Old Testament and, most dramatically, of Gabriel showing up to announce to the Virgin that she would be impregnated by a non-embodied being.   Mohammed received the Koran from Gabriel.  But almost all of the  literature on angel communication is anecdotal. 

Perhaps that is because  this phenomenon falls beneath the shadow of the messages from Jehovah a/k/a Allah, and therefore the standard methods of anthropological investigation and comment are felt to be inappropriate. 

        Wasn’t that the compromise worked out with Galileo?  Remember how much trouble Joan had with the Holy stablishment.  Of course, there was a war going on and the Church Militant could not allow that old Gnostic bit about having personal messengers.  Cuts the priests out of a job and all that rot.

        We could get at it by studying shamanic cultures.  An experience of  the angel is similar to an encounter with White Buffalo Calf Woman. She appears to many Indians and gives them sacred pipes and instruction on right-living.  She also appears as the Holy Mother.  But we don’t need to mention that.

Jay Bremyer’s most recent books are The Chymical Cook: A True Account of Mystical Initiation in the Georgia Woods (published by Barrytown/Station Hill), and The Dance of Created Lights: A Sufi Tale (published by New Falcon).  He and Bret Boyer just released a CD of “Scenes from the Dance of Created Lights” -- a jazz and word ensemble available from NewFalcon.com or directly from bremyer@midusa.net


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