Part 5: Of Duo Dreamtime Duellos
by: Mr. Baggins

memory by magritteBetween 1989 and 1991 I was in the midst of engineering a huge shift in my consciousness, purging and exploring my psychic and spiritual Selves with all sorts of experiential processes, doing Grofian Breathwork sessions weekly and sampling a smorgasbord of other new-age therapies and spiritual experiences regularly. As a result, I began interfacing with all sorts of "new" psychic phenomena on a regular basis. Add to this being challenged in virtually every aspect of my waking life by a severe depression, as well as by two incredibly stressful, serially-recurring dreamtime struggles which manifested during this period, and you might say I had my hands full.

[Upon writing this article Mr Baggins discovered this pic of the book cover within an issue of OUT magazine (#59, October 1998 p. 106) which had been given to him by a woman who has recently been the source of several similar synchronicities for him - ed]
[see OUT magazine Issue 59, October 1998 p. 106]
The first dream began with me walking down a city street--just a generic city street with people on it--nothing overtly menacing in the initial scenario at all. I was walking down the sidewalk, and noticed what appeared to be a small Filipino woman and a taller, second woman I assumed to be her "daughter", coming towards me. They exuded an air of friendliness; I felt myself relax as they approached. We exchanged greetings, and then I looked into the tiny Filipino woman's eyes, and saw the shine of pure evil in them--a malevolence that made me step back.

As is often the case in "psychic" situations for me, I had a moment of "gnosis" in which I completely understood several things. I looked at the "daughter" and understood "it" was her minion--it was not human. It was her construction--her tool. And I knew right away they would both be pursuing me on some sort of epic dream-chase--and I did not want to know what they would do to me if they ever caught me.