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Given the proliferation in recent years of ufo/paranormal/dreamtime imagery in the media (VW's "Reverse Engineered From UFO's" ad comes glaringly to mind), do you feel that this is actually changing or affecting the phenomenon itself? Is the mass-media consciousness causing the UFO phenomenon to change the way it interfaces with us?


Adam Gorightly

The media perverts certain popular images taken from the group mind of humankind then reflects them back as accepted archetypes (archetypes through saturation [read: mental masturbation!] ). One such being the little alien grey creep that's into sodomy and saving the world at the same time. (Go figure!)

The whole paradigm of "space brothers" has been distorted to the point that we don't know who the fuck "They" are: Are they saviors or rapists... Maybe both...

If the aliens descend from high heaven like Jesus Christ come Armageddon, will they be here to ream out assholes or enlighten our minds.... Beats me... And that's the whole point... To keep us guessing and off-guard...

This is what the media and major motion pictures have fed our heads--But more precisely all the confusion as to the motivations of the "aliens" comes courtesy of those who control the media and the makers of motion pictures... Those who pull the strings...

It's up to us to "make the pictures" and create our own realities... If you don't like the alien greys, then maybe a purple-people eater from Mars is more to your liking... Myself, those Blonde Venusian Bombshells courtesy of the Contactees of the 50's do more for me than a bunch of losers from Zeta-Reticuli--But that's just me: Maybe you're looking for a grey-skinned butt-buddy! If so, then tune your TV to the local FOX channel and let "Them" choose the programing. (D'oh!!!)

Just a thought.